Street Improvements

The following is a list of the City’s most recent and upcoming street improvements.  The improvements are, and will be, an asphalt overlay which will replace the road material currently in place in these areas (mostly sealcoat).  Next to each project is a place you can click on to see a map of the improvement which will appear in black for the completed and orange for the upcoming.  

The first and second projects have been completed and the total cost is provided.  Due to the cost of the 2019/2020 Street Improvements, adjustments had to be made to what was formerly referred to as the "Five Year Street Improvement Plan" for the 2020/2021 fiscal year.  The third project is an approved, revised 2020/2021 Street Improvement.   This page does not include any regular maintenance that will continue to be done on other streets (such as patching potholes, etc.). 

2018/2019 Street Improvement – Maple Street from Kellogg to 10th Street. This project was completed in the summer of 2018 and the total cost for this project was $165,650.00.        Click here for map.

2019/2020 Street Improvement – Percival Avenue from Sycamore to Linden Street, Cherry Street from Kellogg to 15th Street and Vine Street from Kellogg to 15th Street.  This project was completed in the summer of 2019 and the total cost for this project was $293,772.03.         Click here for map.

2020/2021 Street Improvement – Laurel Street from Percival to Kellogg Avenue,  Ash Street from 15th Street to Hatton Avenue and Sycamore Street from 14th Street to Hatton Avenue. This project is tentatively scheduled to begin in June with an estimated cost of $107,900.00. Click here for map.