Dallas Center Betterment Foundation

Business & Community Members

The Dallas Center Betterment Foundation’s (DCBF) mission is to foster private giving, strengthen local service providers, and improve the conditions of the community and rural areas surrounding greater Dallas Center to benefit the lives of its citizens while preserving the history and culture of its past.

We accomplish this through donations of funds, real estate, endowments, and other resources, and through memberships.  These resources help build a permanent source of charitable assets that are utilized for revolving funds, capital projects, and operational contributions that help meet emerging and existing needs of the Dallas Center Community.

In working to meet the needs of the Dallas Center Community, the DCBF seeks to:

  • attract and utilize a growing number of partner participants;
  • encourage the improvement and appreciation of the physical appearance of our community; and
  • establish a unifying image while encouraging a variety of activities for all members of the community.

Our members consist of businesses and individuals who also have the vision to grow and improve our community. (See a listing of our current membership here.)  To become a member, click here

Your membership provides resources to help us continue to reach our goals and support our local businesses and community.  

For more information about the DCBF, contact us at dallascenterbetterment@gmail.com.

DCBF Board Members

Scott Gustafson


Tim Short

Vice President

Brian Brecht


Melissa Burdick


Jeff Weddle


Bob King


Darla MacConnell


Danny Beyer

Council Liaison